New Daiso Store :D

So yesterday a new Daiso store in Melbourne opened and today I decided to visit it with Rudolf during my two hour break. Thank goodness for going to a uni that's super close to the city :)

So basically Daiso is a 100 yen store (everything is like 100 yen only), however this only applies to Japan. Products from Daiso here cost $2.80 each. 

Daiso stocks products like homeware, kitchenware, cosmetics, food, drinks, toys, stationery, hair accessories, soaps and other useful things all imported from Japan.

nail polishes :) 
the colours look really pretty and fresh

these colours are so pretty :)

solid perfume
how fancy does the packaging look?

sponges for the kitchen

storage baskets

and more :)

cute jewelled lip glosses

Rudolf got me some things from Daiso 
expect a review soon :)

grape soda from Daiso

Rudolf's apple juice from Daiso too! 

Nasi Goreng at Laska King - our favourite cheap place to eat in Chinatown

olivia xx

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  1. Oh wow, did u have fun my dear :), lots of stuff I see ahaha

  2. i wish there was a dasio store where i live :/
    the items you got look super cute :)
    & TY for commenting & following my blog.
    you got yourself a new follower too~


  3. See this is why I need to move over east! (Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :D)

  4. haha you should! there are alot of goood shops around here :) and no worries xx

  5. hopefully they will soon for you ^^ i didn't know you were from perth! another fellow australian blogger yay! :D

    i'll have the reviews up very soon :P

  6. haha you should defs try it out! they have so much cool stuff there ^_^

  7. yeeap, they have really light pretty shades :D and thankyou for following me! xx

  8. on the corner of swanstown and bourke street! i'll show you tmr :)

  9. haha same here! it's so cheap and the quality is pretty good for the price :)

  10. hopefully one will open for you soon! there stores are expanding a lot i think :)
    there's so much cheap priced goodies there!
    no worries, your blog is cute and thanks for following me back xx

  11. So jealous - hope Daiso sets up shop in Perth soon :(
    Anyways the jewelled lipglosses look gorgeous (and more expensive than $2.80!), looking forward to the reviews ^^

  12. Mary Fashionbirds31 January 2013 at 10:21

    :D I would love to go shopping there! ;)

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  13. The nail polish colours are so cute ^^ - followed you xxx

  14. i like to bus stuff at daiso to :3