Insolent Magenta & Rebel Blue - Loreal Colour Riche Nail Polishes

I've had my eyes on these polishes a while ago, however I thought they were to pricey for only 5ml worth of varnish. The Bourke Street Priceline were having a sale on lots of make up. These polishes happened to be on sale too, $10 for two bottles rather than the usual $7 a bottle. 

The colours I got were 504 Insolent Magenta (a fuchsia pink with pretty shimmers) and 610 Rebel Blue

The flat brush tip makes application very quick and easy! 

my poor brush had bristles sticking out of it :(

- pricey
- only 5ml
-lots of shades and colours to pick from
- dries really quick
- easy application
- only need one coat for the colour to be opaque

I will update the post when I have painted my nails ^_____^

xx olivia 

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  1. レイバン RB3025を、夜中にかけて歩いている人を発見!どんだけレイバンがすきやねんっと突っ込みたいところだが、自分も最近かなりグラサンにはまっちゃってる。自分が最近毎日持ち歩いてるのがレイバン ウェイファーラーのRB4105、コンパクトに折りたためる仕様で、使いやすくて最高!