Missha Primer Review + Go Karting

Hello everyone ^___^

So my mum ran out primer and she didn't really like the Loreal one she was using because she said it was too clumpy in texture. I was given the job of finding a new primer that was affordable for her. :) 

So here's the primer I got her. It was suggested by my lovely friend Trang. She told me that this primer was pretty good so I have high expectations for it now! 

I love the packaging of the primer, everything about it feels expensive

Here's the primer itself. 

It's one of those pump type bottles  ^__^

applying some on my skin and yes it's actually green but don't worry, once it has been blended well the green traces will completely disappear. 

- nice fragrant smell
- smooth texture
- cheaper than a lot of primers
- it helps intensify the colour of your eyeshadow
- helps your make up last all day long! 

and now onto my GO-KARTING ADVENTURE :D

Trang and Shamus making their go-kart licenses 

Our names on the screen ^__^

The track

haha for us drivers only :P

the go-karts 

lining up patiently to get ready for the fun!!!

a quick group photo! 

Denise and Shamus with their helmets on :) 

some go-kart tips: 
1. have your hair tied up and tucked inside your shirt otherwise when you drive the go cart your hair will fly everywhere
2. wear closed footwear
3. don't step on the accelerator too fast otherwise you'll feel like you're literally flying 

till next time 
xoxo olivia 

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  1. hahah yeap :) grow it out trang!!

  2. my hair looks so long! hehehe