Day out with Trang & Ellen

Today Trang, Ellen and I went around the city looking at makeup. ^__^

You can follow the lovely Trang here :) Ellen doesn't have blogger unfortunately, she's too addicted to instagram. 

We wondered around Chinatown looking for stores that stocked asian make up brands such as Etude House, Kate, Holika Holikda, Innisfree, Skin Food, TonyMoly, Dolly Wink, Majolica Majorca, The Face Shop. 

My first face mask that I've ever purchased! It was $3, so pricey for a mask :( If I like the feel of this face mask then I'm going to order some from G-market very soon. It's only like $1 for one there!! So cheap xD
This mask is called the 'Real Nature Mask Lemon' and it is used for brightening the skin. 

Then I brought a stick eyeshadow :) 

It can be twisted like a crayon! 

It's a really nice glittery white! I can't wait to use this :D

OPI from David Jones. Usually a bottle of OPI is like $20 but they were having a sale and it was buy 2 and get 1 free. Ellen, Trang and I got a OPI each so in the end the OPI only costed about $13. Which is pretty cheap ^___^
The colour I got was baby blue. It's a baby blue with an almost metallic/holographic finish to it. 

We went into Myer where Calvin Klein were giving out small foundation samples in a mini pot (picture above). The pots are so cute :) Their foundation shade range from 100 - 800. Trang is pretty light and she was shade 100, Ellen who I thought was darker than me turned out to be two shades lighter than me, NOOOOOOO :(. 

We had yummy Korean BBQ for lunch. It was Ellen's first time and she said it was pretty good :) 

A BEAST noodle cup Trang found in a Korean Grocery store ^_^

Dessert Story for some sweet treats! 

 We ordered mango something! It was so yummy! I even updated my Facebook status to 'its winter, we're sitting under the heater eating an ice dessert while shaking — with Trang Luu and Ellen Nguyen.'

until next time,
olivia xx

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  1. Must've been fun my dear, sick invite ahahaha, jk :)

    1. yes pooki, you shuldave came along. minh was there with kelvin :)

  2. omg dude... the nail polish looks really nice...

    1. ahah yeah it looks really good, thats why i was like must get it :)

  3. Omg the mango dessert looks amazing!