I'm going to meet Michelle Phan :D

So Michelle Phan is coming to Australia!!! She will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne :D Which means I'll be going to meet her, since I reside in Melbourne. I can't hold my excitement for this event at all! I'll be attending this event with my fellow blogger/close friend Trang :D

So for those that don't know who she is, she is one of my favourite youtube beauty gurus, with over 2 million subscribers. She's also the official youtube make up artist for Lancome too. You can search her up on youtube! 

The Bourke Street Myer's mall will be holding a masterclass session with Michelle Phan at the Murall Hall, on the 3rd of August at 6pm. And those who live in Sydney, she be on the 2nd of August. For more details check the Lancome Australia facebook page. 

To attend the event, you must buy a ticket from the myer website. Click here for the URL to the ticket sales. 

The tickets cost $50 but it's totally worth it since you get to meet Michelle and you can redeem a Lancome product up to $50 on the day. If it costs more than this, I guess you only need to pay the price difference. 

I love Lancome products especially some of their perfumes, mascara, lipsticks and blushes! So I'm going to be having a hard time choosing what I want :( 

A weekend in pictures!! 

 At Tokuya, it's this really cool Japanese gift store and everything costs $2.80 storewide! :D

Some random pictures I took while inside the store. 

A jewellery rack

Cute disposable lunch boxes

Rice shapers for obento boxes 

Knifes & kitchen utensils 

Lots of  Hello Kitty products :D

more lunch boxes

OMG I'm so mad because Rudolf got me these heels from the lipstik website for $45. And I found the exact same pair at Spencer Street DFO for $34. We could have saved $11 :( 

Pastel demin from Dotti for my spring wardrobe! ^__^

Lunch at Laska House
One of my favourite places to eat cheap and yummy Chinese/Malaysian cusine in the city. It's located in Chinatown (Melbourne)

Honeyed Chicken

Crispy fried noodles

Salty fried chicken

And just a picture to all my beloved blog readers! 

olivia <3

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  1. I am still thinking if I wanna go.
    It sounds a good deal as its fully redeemable for products >_<

  2. yeap, shes coming this friday at the bourke street myer :) and you should defs buy a ticket! it looks pretty awesome from the lancome facebook page


    thats the link if you need it :) thanks for following me too! ^_^

  3. omg Michelle phan is coming to melb??? That's awesome now im tempted to buy a ticket too lol

  4. yeap! i'm so excited to meet her! i am currently having an obession with pastel coloured demin :)

    thankyou for reading my blog xx

  5. That's so exciting that you get to meet Michelle Phan! Love those Dotti pastel jeans and the heels btw, and that food looks amazing. I'm craving Chinese food now lol ><

  6. wowwww sooo jealous!definitely take pics when you meet michelle! she's awesome, i love her videos so much!
    and wow, a store where all items are 2.80? reminds me of 99cent stores here in NY! but we don't have 2.80 stores ;( the products look so cute there!
    and OMG! pastel pants!! awesome find!

    celebrate with us! join our 1 yr anniversary giveaway!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  7. her videos are pretty good to watch :P
    and yeap, i love them, there so many more colours i want! thankyou for reading xx

  8. Wow, I've seen a few of her youtube vids - her tutorials are so easy to follow!
    Those Dotti pastel jeans look awesome ^^

  9. hello there christina :D
    I'm feeling great! and you?
    and yeapp, i'm so excited to see her since she's coming over to australia xD

  10. Hi sweetie, How are you??
    Oh really?? You'll meet Michelle Phan?? Wow, you are a lucky girl, I really envy you now!! :) ♥ HaHa

    (http://kitkatkorpan.over-blog.com) ^^