ASEAN Ball [Updated]

Tonight I'm going to the ASEAN Ball at the Ethiad Stadium :)
Super excited for this event, as Cathy Nguyen and AJ Rafael will be performing live at this event.  

 my black clutch 

lipstick heels

arm candy <3

nail polish
opi base coat & blue my mind 

And now for pictures on the actual night! :)

the guys chilling at Vi's place before the ball 

a maple leaf with my name on it :D

the menu wasn't impressive at all 

the tables were pretty, too bad I forgot to take a full shot :(

photowhoring in the toilets

entree - I was pretty disappointed with the entree, I was expecting something more fancy. Though, the dips were good :)


 main meals
all chicken :/

westsiders haha 

photowhoring shots :p

Karen :D


pretty awesome foamy glow sticks! 

Cathy Nguyen and AJ Rafael performed live at the ball, too bad I couldn't snap any pictures because it was super crowded near the stage they were performing on. I could barely see them :(

by the end of the night my feet were aching like crazy from all that dancing but I was still up for the after party at Hi-Fi on Swanstown street. 

people dancing at the afterparty

It wasn't until 3pm that I got home.

olivia xoxo

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  1. The ball seems like a lot of fun! I love AJ Rafael's songs. I also love your shoes. I hope you can visit my fashion blog. xx

  2. asean ball looks heaps fun!

  3. ooo
    ahahah I thought so ! XD Yeah, I used to go tutor with her before she moved to westside ahahha

  4. thankyou! :) i got them for super cheap too xD
    and yeap its vi luu xD haha are you here friend? its sucha small world :p

  5. Love your shoes ! :D
    And LOL is that Vi... Vi Luu? XD

  6. Hi, olivia ^_^
    thanks for following my blog, I've followed you too <3

  7. ooh! another fellow blogger from melbourne :P you should have gone, it was pretty fun & heaps of dancing :) haha it was good, but i think the food wasn't worth $120, but i guess the live performance made up for it

    thanks so much for following me

  8. Blogger really is having some problems right now. I've followed you but it's not showing up with a name and whatnot. I'll come by and check again at a later date when the system is hopefully back to normal!

  9. I heard rave reviews about the ASEAN ball! I didn't go myself since I was too lazy to, but it looks like it was great fun - though the entree does look rather disappointing! At least it tasted good!

  10. hah its heaps fun :) you should go to one :) and thanks for following me back xx

  11. aww thanks! and no worries, i love your blog <3

  12. looks like a great event!! lovely outfit too x
    I absolutely adore your blog.
    Following u now via Goggle+, follow me back if you like!
    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

  13. This looks like so much fun! *w* I haven't been to a dance/ball/party in a long time! LOL. :D
    Blogger is acting up, but I am following you back!