MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel

I was looking for a new gel eye liner the other day. I was interested in YSL gel liner, how $59 seemed way to pricey for a small pot of gel. Another option was the Revlon gel liner, which is the cheapest out of the three, however I didn't quite like the texture of this gel liner as it was quite clumpy for me.

 In the end I settled for the Mac Fluidline Eye Liner Gel, which is what this review will be about :)

The eye liner pot is quite small but I guess since I don't even apply that much eye liner on each time, it's going to last for a decent time. 

The gel is smooth and soft. This makes application much easier with an angled brush for me.

The bottom stroke has been rubbed with water. You can see my wet arm lol
This eyeliner is smudge and waterproof yay! :D

- affordable
- smudge and waterproof
- soft and smooth
- I will definitely be buying this again when I run out ^___^

and then just some random photos!!

such a pretty box 

I seriously love Lindt macaroons, they are so delish :D

I have an obsession of taking macaroon photos

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  1. Omg the macaroons are so.nice ahaha, who bought u that Mac eyeliner ;)

  2. you should! they are really delish :D one bite and your addicted for life (that's if you have a sweet tooth like me :p)

  3. Ahh,I have never tried macaroons before, but I really want to because so many people ate posting lush pictures of them!
    - Keyta x