A day out with my mum, grandma and sister ♥

So I've been to the city two days in a row this week already. However, instead of going with friends I went with my grandma, sister and mum. Originally my grandma wasn't going to go but after being convinced by mum that she deserved a break from looking after baby Hilary everyday she decided to come along. 

Here's a picture of Baby Hilary :) Isn't she so cute? (For those wondering, she is my cousin)

Having lunch and breakfast at some restaurant inside the Midcity Arcade in Chinatown (the Melbourne one). 

I'm really sorry I've forgotten the name of the place, even though I've eaten there countless times. Though it's a Malaysian restaurant next to Kaneda Sushi. The food there is pretty cheap and delicious. My favourite dish is the nasi goreng which is only $9.50 plus you get a free soft drink with the order since it's a lunch special. (the nasi goreng is the dish on the far left side).

Now onto my haul! I brought some new clothes today and they were all on sale which made me super happy ^__^

orange jumper - Dotti
blue jeans - Dotti
blouse - Forever New
basket - Tokuya (a Japanese gift store) they sell really cool stuff and everything is like only $2.80

My makeup collection is like massive, so I decided to buy this basket to put my most used products in there ^__^

my Forever New blouse :D It's so pretty, I love the cuts on the sides.

My Dotti jumper, the colour is really bold and bright but I love it too!

- till next time
olivia <3

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  1. cute dotti jumper. Been looking for something similar to that but in mint.

    1. thanks! they have a mint version at dotti too :)

  2. baby Hilary is so cute! ^^ Also nice shoppings, I like the jumper!


  3. yeap she's so adorable :) followed you back xx

  4. Love your haul!

    Thanks for the follow too :)

  5. thankyou :)
    and no worries! xx

  6. I'm also in love with your dotti jumper! Such lovely items in your haul dear. :D

  7. me too! i love it heaps and thankyou <3