Chanel, Shu Uemera, Lancome, Dolly Wink & Kiss Me

Another blog post on my new make up goodies today!
Thankyou so much Mummy for buying all of this for me. 

I haven't tried any of these products yet except the Lancome mascara which is like the best mascara ever (this is like my 3rd one already!)

So here's all the new make up goodies that I've managed to get my hands on :)
If you would like anything reviewed in particular please drop a comment and I'll be more than happy to review it for you! 

Kiss Me mascara + eye makeup remover 

I've never ever tried any Asian mascara brands before so I'm really excited to give this one a go! 

I love mascara applicators with a slightly curved wand because they make my eyelashes more curly! The wand looks really similar to my favourite mascara, so I hope this one will perform quite well. 

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Lose Powder! 
My first Chanel powder. 
 I've used their lipsticks, blushes, glosses and eye shadows and the quality was amazing. 
I hope this will be just as good too :D 

The contain looks so elegant and classy, like other Chanel items :D

I've heard so great things on this eyelash curler and I was super eager to try it out, so here it is in my hands at last! 

Lancome Virtouse - waterproof and smudgeproof
This is like my holy grail mascara and probably my most worn make up item ever! 
I love this so much, it gives me long and voluminous lashes (ohh and curly too). It doesn't even give me spidery looking lashes when I apply a tad bit too much :D

I really have a thing for curved mascara wands! 

First Dolly Wink item ever :) 
I really like the gyaru makeup style, but I've never tried it before so I'm going try it sometime with these lashes.

I'm not too sure what these lashes are made from but they feel super soft and silky. 
And I love how eyelash glue is also included ^____^

Have you tried any of the products before? If so let me know your thoughts on it!

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  1. Ooh how lucky you are for your mum to buy all these for you! So many beautiful high end products too :) The Shu eyelash curler is amazing, especially for Asian eyes it is perfect! It doesn't pinch and gives such a lovely curl to the lashes. The Lancome mascara looks so nice too, if only I was lucky enough to be able to try a high end mascara! Definitely looking forward to a review of the Chanel powder, especially if you could compare it to a drugstore powder. The Dolly Wink false lashes look so soft and long too :)

  2. great haul! I agree. Chanel products look so classy cassy. And so does the Lancome mascara :D

    Also, if you review the Kiss Me mascara and remover, I swear. I will follow you to the ends of the earth. THE ENDS OF THE EARTH *_*

  3. haha anything high end looks really classy i think, its because of the name and all that fancy packaging xD
    AND OF COURSE I CAN DO A REVIEW ON THAT! HAHA :D i'll wear it to uni tmr and test out the mascara before I review it :)

  4. omg yeah! i love the eyelash curler so much, i've been using it everyday and it curls all my lashes perfectly :D
    you should definetly try the lancome mascara out, its quite affordable on :)
    haha i shall do that review with the comparsion after i wear the face powder to uni soon! and yeap, the dollywink lashes are like so soft, they feel like real lashes ahah


  6. haha LOLOL
    i'll have the post up very soon after i finalise some things :)

  7. lisaandherworld8 March 2013 at 21:42

    cute haul <3 really love chanel and dollywink!

    anyway im following you now, if you like my blog you can follow me back ^^~

  8. lisaandherworld8 March 2013 at 21:42

    my blog is

  9. Indira Cherietmoi8 March 2013 at 23:30

    Gorgeous haul, girl! I have Chanel powder and I love it! Super fine and great setting powder, really worth the price in my opinion. ^_^ xx, Indira from cherietmoi

  10. haha me too! chanel is my fave :)
    aww thanks! ive followed you back xoxo

  11. checked out your blog and it is amazing! <3

  12. thankyou! I can't wait to use it even more now :)
    everything i've owned from chanel so far, was definetly worth the money xD

    thankyou for visting my blog