Bloggers Lunch with Poppy Dinsey

On Saturday I attended my first blogger's event at Highpoint Shopping Centre :)
Bloggers were given a chance to enter a competition to win a trip to London (too bad I didn't win) but I was still had a lovely lunch with Poppy Dinsey of WIWT and other fellow bloggers. 

Before lunch we watched the fashion show :p

Here are some snapshots that I managed to take while watching the fashion show outside the newly built David Jones at Highpoint! 

After the fashion show we were taken upstairs to a special section where we were given a Highpoint media pass. I wish I took some pictures of the fenced of section but I was too busy mingling with other bloggers so I kinda forgot. We had lunch with Poppy here, delicious finger food was served. Plenty of macaroons and chocolate treats. I felt so sick after consuming all the sweet stuff, but it was definitely worth it! (I didn't even take any pictures too, I'm a terrible blogger) 

The media pass that all the bloggers were given! I felt like a V.I.P. wearing mine :)

I had plenty of fun, and even made some lovely blogger friends :)
Sophie from darkvice and TJ from modenineteen. Check out there awesome blogs! 

A picture with Poppy! Her dress was so pretty and she was super friendly :D (You can kinda see the fenced section in this area, along with the cute tables and colourful stools)

Highpoint didn't let us go home empty handed! They gave all the bloggers a goody bag each :D
They were so generous, a Forever New necklace, Mecca Maxima & Tilkah Gift vouchers, Oroton notebook and heaps more! 

And here's what I brought with my gift cards :)
I was seriously one happy girl! Thank you so much Highpoint ~

This bracelet is so pretty and princess like :)

And then later on I found this picture of my outfit that I wore to the blogger's event uploaded on Poppy's website :D

Have you ever been to a bloggers event? Let me know your experience :D

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  1. Looks like a great event! I wish I loved in Melbourne so I could attend :(

    1. haha you should defs cover over here and visit! the shops are amazing <3

  2. the bracelet and necklace is so pretty, i wish i was lucky as you to get a bag full of pressents :(

    1. haha yeah it is! its so princess like :) awww thanks <3

  3. My friend and I were at Highpoint on the Thursday and we saw the workers setting up the runway area- and we wanted to know what was in those bags sooo badly! We had to leave though... BUT YOUR FREEBIES WERE AWESOME! You're so lucky hehe

    1. how was the opening event on thursday? i wanted to go so baddly, but i had uni on the day :( haha i know! i was like omg highpoint is so generous, i wasnt expecting all the gift vouchers and stuff xD

  4. OMG it looks amazing! All the gifts! :) I went to one blogger event. It was for the presentation of the new Guerlain Perfum "La petite robe noire". I met nice people but we just had few macaroons to eat and we didn't receive anything, not even sample. I was a little disappointed.

    Much Love, Virginie

    1. haha it was defs amazing :)
      aww that sucks :( they shuldave had like a tiny sample of it at least :(
      hopefully you'll get to attend better events in the near future! :D