Gmarket Haul #7 - Something for everyone

I ordered quite a few things from G-market this time, something for everyone in my family :D

All the goodies packed nicely into a box ^__^

Let the excitement of unwrapping begin! 

All the things I got from this haul
Poofy Jacket for my Grandma to keep warm during winter :D
Red chiffon top for my mum
Cream and pink chiffon top for my aunty

Cute Cupcakes from Holika Holika
I kept the yellow one for myself and gave my sister the pink one. 

The pink one has this sour watermelon scent to it, and the yellow one smells like peach, and has a faint tint of pink to it when applied on your lips :D

Holika Holika Green Tea Egg Soap

Doesn't the soap look like real eggs in a carton? :)

IT'S SKIN Ice Creamy Lipbar
green - apple scented
purple - berry scented

Don't worry, using these lip bars definitely won't make your lips green or purple! They give your lip a pinkish tint. It's one of those lip products that change colour when you apple it to your lips. One coat of this tint will not show, however after a few swipes on your lips, a light pretty pink colour will start to show! 
(The colour is buildable)

SNSD 2013 Calendar

It comes with a few bits and pieces of stickers! 

SooYoung's dress is super pretty! All the other members are wearing pretty dresses for the calendar shoot too! :D 

Electric shaver for my dad! 

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  1. nice haul! You always buy the cutest stuff from G-market :D
    All the lip products look so nice. (especially dem cupcakes. yum.) I've been seeing some green and blue lip bars. I think tonymoly also has some, and I hear they give off a really nice color. Do you prefer your green one or purple one? Either way, itskin makes some really cute products :DD

  2. hahaha really? i think everything from g-market is always cute xD omg blue lip bars? i really need to get my hands on them then! blue sounds so cool :D both of the lip bars give off the same tint for me, but personally i prefer the green one because it smells really good - apple flavour :) the purple one is this milky berry smell :D

  3. I really wanted the calendar and lip balms- these were the $1 items yeah? I went overseas though and so I couldn't put in an order because the package wouldn't come in time ._. This family haul is super cute though haha!
    And sorry for commenting on a heap of your posts all at once today... your blog doesn't show up on my feed even though I'm following you. I'm following you via bloglovin' now though so hopefully I'll be up to date with your posts! :)

    1. yeap it was all for $1, as well as the holika holika egg soap set too :) omg that sucks :( hopefully there be another $1 event up soon. those events make me spend like crazy on gmarket :( haha no worrries, i love it when someone comments, it makes me feel like my posts arent just there for nothing :) i followed you back too xoxo

  4. I've been wanting to order from Gmarket but it confuses me ahaha. One day I will be patient and try to order some products from there! The lip balms look adorable!