Food Post #2 - Viking92, Yum Cha Cafe & More

Hello everyone!!!

I'm back with my second food post this time! Hopefully this post will have more variety than my first food post which was mainly Korean food. :)

During my summer holidays I went all the way to Homesglen to eat at this Korean Restaurant called Viking92. So you must be thinking why on earth did I travel for more than an hour to get to this restaurant?  Well its because it's the only Korean place in Victoria that serves jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) according to my friends. And I didn't even order that LOL. 

This restaurant was pretty cool cos it was kinda like a mini buffet for side dishes. So we could eat as much side dishes as we wanted for no extra cost. For those of you that aren't very familiar with Korean cuisine, side dishes are served with every Korean meal. Popular side dishes include kimichi (pickled cabbage) and many more. 

So this was like the place where you could pick your side dishes from :)

Just a few snap shots of the menu at Viking92! The dishes were pretty affordable :)

Just a sneaky picture I took of the side dishes! hahaha

The side dishes that I picked up. The one on the left is like this Korean pasta salad, with creamy sauce - it tastes kinda like mayonnaise but somewhat even better! The side dish on the right is spicy fish-cake - it was quite chewy and for most people, it would probably be spicy (it wasn't for me though cos my taste buds are super bearable of the spicyness!)

Straight after Viking92 we headed to the PappaRich in Chadstone to chill and order some of our favourite drinks. I ordered this amazing drink called mango mania! As the name suggests, it is a mango drink topped with lychee balls, and there's even coconut jelly & watermelon balls at the bottom of the drink. (I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture below.)

Then the following day I went Melbourne Uni O-Week to scab some freebies :)
And the Commonwealth Bank stand gave out free snow cones, here's a picture of my raspberry flavoured snow cone :P

Afterwards I headed to PappaRich QV with a few of my friends and ordered some delicious dishes! 

beef satay skewers - I love this stuff, its super chewy and the dipping sauce was really good. I didn't find the sauce spicy at all, perhaps mild I guess. After finishing all the skewers I even ate the cucumbers and onions dipped in the sauce cos it was soo good! :)

roti & dips - I think roti is a traditional Malaysian flat bread (correct me if I'm wrong). It came with three dips (from left to right), the first dip was this potato dip, it wasn't spicy at all, then the second dip is a curry dip which is mild in terms of spicyness and the final dip was pretty spicy that I had to drink so much water! 
I seriously love this dish so much too! hahaha

I had a catch up session with the girls before uni started and we went to Cafe Mambos for dinner.
I ordered a lemon lime bitter for my drink. 

and Pollo pasta as my main course - chicken and mushrooms with pasta. The pasta dish was really creamy, kinda like carbonara pasta.

And then one of my friends made macarons for us! They were the best macarons I've tasted in ages!

And after dinner we drove to The Pancake Parlour for drinks and mainly to do more of our talking there :)

And then on the next day (the first day of uni) I went to Stalactites for lamb souvlaki. It was a really big serving and it was stuffed with lamb, salad, tomatoes and some sour/tangy sauce. It was quite a nice eat until the sauce started dripping from the souvlaki and then it was so hard to eat the thing properly :(  But I'd definitely recommend it if your a fan of lamb :) 

And then the next day me and my friends went to eat again during our uni break :)

Originally we wanted to eat at Crazy Wings but it wasn't open yet, and we were too hungry to wait so we end up walking around Chinatown. And we happened to stumble by a restaurant/bar called Yum Cha Cafe.

The bar area looks so cool! I wished had ordered some drinks, but It was it broad daylight :(

Interior design - I'm pretty sure they spent a lot of effort on decorating the place because the atmosphere was really nice. It was like really relaxing when I sat and ate with my friends.

Some of the food we ordered: 

Yum Cha Special Set - my friend said the dumplings were really good!

Rice noodles with beef - also another good dish, the portion was really big though.

special fried rice - the dish looked simple but it was still pretty good :)

spicy noodles - this stuff was really good! I'm not fond of peanuts but they tasted amazing in this dish, also I would only recommend eating this if you love spicy things, because I drank lots of water :( 

I loved the service at Yum Cha Cafe, the staff were super nice and very informative on the food. They were pretty attentive that we even tipped them, although me and my friends don't usually leave tips. And they even gave us lollies before we left!

Do you have any restaurant recommendations for me to try? I love exploring and expanding my restaurant knowledge :D

xoxo olivia

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  1. Replies
    1. yeap! they were so delish to eat :) looking at the pictures always makes me so hungry D:
      thankyou for visiting my blog xoxo

  2. i'm so hungry looking at all your food pics :(

    1. haha me too :( i wish i could eat it all over again xD

  3. How good were the o-week food freebies?! I was super happy when I went to mine cause I didn't have to spend a cent on food! I didn't have any snow cones though :(

    1. it was so good! i scored so much stuff like water bottles, sunnies and lots of food! i think there was heaps more food at rmit, and melbourne had like freebies xD
      which uni o-week did you attend?

  4. Viking92! I haven't eaten there (though I've eaten at just about all the other Korean ones in the same row) but it definitely looks great. You've been eating so much delicious food, reading this post in itself is making me both hungry and envious!

    1. haha! you should try it out if you get the chance too! free side dishes hahah xD
      lolol, i always get hungry when i look at my food posts LOL

  5. It makes me soooo hungry !

    1. haha me too! i wish i could eat some more right now xD