Pink Fairytale

A while ago I was contacted by MsDressy, asking me if I wanted to collaborate with them.
I was super excited and spent hours browsing their site

They have hundreds and hundreds of beautiful evening gowns for all sorts of occasions, whether it may your formal, prom, wedding or any other special event. I simply couldn't make up my mind which dress I wanted the most, until I saw this amazing pink a-line chiffon dress and instantly fell in love with it - it's so elegant and princess like! 

Pink isn't really my ideal type of colour but I decided to get it in pink anyways because it looked really good on the model. You can check out the link here for the dress. 

And when my dress came in the mail I was so excited to try it on! 

I love this dress! It's really fluttery? I'm not sure how to describe it but it makes me feel like a princess! haha I sound so childish xD

How detailed is the beading? I seriously didn't expect it to be sewn on by hand :)

Admiring my dress, even though I've probably done this over ten times already since receiving the dress! 

It was really hard to take decent pictures because it was so windy :( 

dress - c/o MsDressy
heels - lipstik 

So what's you're favourite dress style and colour? Mine is definitely a one shoulder type! 

xoxo olivia

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  1. the dress looks absoultely amazing on you! so lucky, i just checked out their site and those dresses are so beautiful :P

  2. you look so great in that dress :D
    It's so sa;gkldj;algkdja princessy and beautiful~

  3. awww thanks hun! you should defs check out the site, i spent hours on there :)

  4. thankyou so much! :) I was really scared when i took the dress out of the packaging because the colour pink was way too girly for me, but i'm glad it actually looks okay now.

  5. lol that's how I feel whenever I buy clothing from online. But no. you look so freaking gorgeous that I'm going to cry xD Are you planning to wear it to something?

  6. Indira Cherietmoi27 February 2013 at 09:04

    It's a beautiful pink gown and you look so princessy, sweetie! ^_^

  7. lolol thanks so much! i feel honoured haha :)
    probs to a uniball or something, i wish i was still in high school though, it woulda have been perfect for my prom xD

  8. ooh it would be such a pretty prom dress :D but the dress looks so classy that it would rock any uniball too :D
    I never actually new that uniball was a term for university ball. I always thought it was a brand of ball point pens xDD

  9. aww thankyou so much for the kind comments! :)

  10. Wow this is such a beautiful dress! I'm not a huge fan of pink either but this is just so pretty :) The wind gives a nice effect to the photos actually! :P