Travel Diary: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2012) - Part #2

District 7 - Where all the rich and famous people in Vietnam live
 A really cool water fountain in the front yard!!
 Family relative's house in district 7
 Snapshot of a road :)
 Dad posing in front of An Dong Plaza
Grandma and Mummy! 
 MMM... FOOD ^__^

 More random scenery shots!

 Inside Saigon Tax Trade Centre

 At Dam Sen, a theme park

 Ice buildings at Dam Sen
 Haunted house at Dam Sen

 Aww, cute doggie :)
 Sushi time with Sister and Anh Li, yummy :D

 Dad chilling
 Yum Cha at the Windsor Hotel

 Hotel Interior

 Dippin Dots :P
 Shopping at the Vincom Centre

 Parkson Mall
 And more food...

Various shots!

Almost done sharing my pictures of Vietnam :) 

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