Mini Etude House Haul + Maybeline Eyeshadow

Some items I picked up from Etude House :)
- Lovely Cookie Blusher #2 Strawberry Choux
-Dear My Crystal Gloss #5 Shimmering Rose Pink

I ordered them from a site called Cosmetic Love, they are from Korea. 
I was pretty impressed, the products arrived at my doorstep within a week and a half!
I got some free samples with my order too which made me super happy as I love trying out new products ^_______^

Today I'll be specially reviewing the last two products listed.

- matte blush
- natural glow
- cute application puff
- cute packaging
- very affordable
- pretty good quality, and way cheaper than my other blushers

Will I buy it again? Yes, but an orange shade this time! 

- colour isn't like what you see in the picture above
- very glossy
- smells really sweet 
- quite glittery though not as glittery as my Channel glosses
- very affordable

Will I buy it again? I've got my eye on the white gloss now! 

Swatches: blusher (top), gloss (bottom)

Rudolf got me this Maybeline Eyeshadow! Priceline was having a sale and all the Maybeline eyeshadows were like 50% off. We came a bit late and most of the eyeshadows were gone :(  But thankfully I managed to pick this one out! 

 - glittery
- good for creating a smokey eye look
- quite pigmented

Will I buy it again? In a different colour and probably only if it's on sale. I don't tend to buy much drug store make up unless there sales :)

- till next time 
olivia xx

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  1. Love the pink blush!
    Great reviews!

    If you want, check out my blog:

  2. I love the pink blush too!!!^^


    1. same here! the packaging is so cute :P

  3. Today I was contemplating whether or not to order from Cosmetic Love
    It's so nice that they give you free samples and have such fast shipping!
    I love the packaging of the pink blush and the color of the lip gloss is really nice :)

    1. I think it's a pretty good site to order from, I will definitely be buying again from them soon. The more stuff you buy the more samples you get from them. :)
      the pink blush is like the cutest make up item I have currently. I love the gloss, its pretty good stuff considering the cheap price :)

  4. Such adorable things with adorable colour palette. X

    1. haha yeap, asian makeup is so cute! xx

  5. The etude house blush is adorable~ I love those fluffy puff things, makes me feel princessy when I do my makeup! :)

    Wow the eyeshadow palette is surprisingly pigmented. I don't own any eyesahdows from maybelline...maybe I should get some

    1. haha, i love my puff to much that i don't want to use it ever!
      yeap its quite pigmented, the silver was kinda a let down though, it wasn't as pigmented as the others! That was my first maybeline eyeshadow ever haha!

  6. Haha I see you're a fan of Etude House as well. They have really cheap stuff and it's tempting not to get their entire line of BB creams and blushes :))

    I've followed you btw, care to follow back?

    1. haha yeap, its fairly cheaper than usual :)