Lovely Cushion Blusher (The Face Shop)

I was running out of blushers to use, so Rudolf got this for me from The Faceshop.It's called 'Lovely ME:EX cushion blusher'. Don't you guys think the packaging is so adorable? 


Just the back of the packaging, I wish I could read Korean ^__^.

The blusher also has a cute puff which is used as the applicator instead of your mini blusher brush. 

Here's the colour of the blush. It's a pinky peach colour, it has some shimmer to it, but when applied it gives of a matter finish to your cheeks.

Finally, what the blush looks like when applied on the skin. It's very light but pretty! Absolutely love the blush! 

That's all for now, until next time,
- olivia xx

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