Kate Real Create Eyes

Hello Sweethearts! <3

Today I'll be reviewing the Kate Real Create Eyes Pk-1 eyeshadow palette which I managed to pick up from Pudgy Panda today. It came in cute drawstring bag rather than your typical plastic, paper bag which was pretty awesome I reckon. 

 So here's a picture of the palette unboxed  ^_____^ 

The back of the packaging. It written all in Japanese but I thinking its giving you tips to use which part of the eyes to apply the various eyeshadow colours to. 

The colours are very neutral and pretty! perfect for a day look :) 
The white eyeshadow in the left corner is actually a really creamy glitter base, I think it also passes for a primer too! 

The eyeshadow colour swatches :) 

They are really glittery and I must say this palette is a pretty good neutral eyeshadow kit!
I probably won't be buying this again, I think it's pretty pricey for $22. 

rating: 4/5

till next time
- olivia xx

(p.s. i accidently deleted this post) 

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  1. Pretty colours! Thanks for the review. I also feel that I probably won't need to get this palette...I have enough of these neutral palettes xD

    1. haha no worries! :)
      yeah the colours are really pretty but i feel as if they are too similar to my urban decay palettes. and it was rather pricey for an eyeshadow because i can get the same quality of make up from a drugstore brand with it being only 10-15 bucks.

      xx olivia

  2. what a pretty palette ^^
    are the colors not quite payoff? :(
    thanks for review :)

    1. aww thanks! and thanks so much for following me! ^______^
      the colours are pretty good, but i think its rather pricey for a small palette, and they are really similar to the urban decay naked palettes. i think urban decay palettes are way cheaper :)

      xx olivia