Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent Goodies [updated]

Some Chanel goodies I picked up from the Chanel Boutique today! :)
I'm so happy I got them because they so pretty and are totally worth the money. 

The lady working at the Chanel store was kind enough to give me some free samples ^___^
The free samples were: 
- a mini vial of the new Chanel perfume - Eau Premiere
- Vitalumiere Aqua foundation

I picked up some creme eyeshadow 

Lipstick :)

and Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick, not from the Chanel Boutique though! 

a bird's eye view of my lovely makeup :)

Time for some swatches! (from left to right) 
YSL Rouge Volupte #1
Rouge Coco Shine #56 Chance
Illusion D'Ombre #88 Abstraction

Onto the review we go,

YSL Rouge Volupte #1
- very pigmented
- oily formula, which is meant to moisturise your lips
- has a perfume scent to it (smells good though! i love it )
- pricey
- will I buy it again? Yes! I love the formulae of this lipstick so much! It's a shame that a lot the colours look really similar :( 

Rouge Coco Shine #56 Chance
- sheer
- glittery effect
- love the texture of this lipstick on my lips, its so smooth
- very faint fragrance smell
- pricey
- will I buy it again? yes!! Chanel doesn't dissapoint me ^__^

Illusion D'Ombre #88 Abstraction
- such a glittery cream eyeshadow which I love
- the lady said it's a limited edition
- the packaging makes it look like there's a lot of eyeshadow when there really isn't much
- comes with a mini brush which can be used as an angled eyeliner, eyeshadow applicator :)
- pricey again
- will I buy it again? yeap, in white :) 

All the Chanel makeup in just a week! I think I'm really obsessed :) 
 The Chanel blush Rudolf got me for our six months! It's a really pretty pink colour, #99 Rose Petale.

It's a shimmery powder blush! Here's an image of it blended, well kinda ><" 

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  1. love the Yves Saint Laurent lipstick :)

    thanks for the sweet comment you left me^^ you have a really nice blog here, followed you back :)


    1. same here! i love the smell of it and how it's so pigmented :)

      awww no worries! i'm glad that you liked my comment :) thanks for following me back!

      xx olivia