Peach & Mint

Hi Guys! 
I'm back with another post :)
I know I should really be studying for my end of semester exams, but I'm extremely distracted. Thankfully I only have 3 exams this semester! 

This time round instead of me wearing the outfits, I decided to style my mum instead :D
She picked out the blouse from sheinside and I picked out everything else. I know it's like almost winter where I live but I can't stop styling outfits for spring/summer :( 

How pretty is the close up shot of the blouse? The embroidery is super detailed! :)

and here's another photo of my mum! I was meant to take more, but the sun came out and all the pictures didn't look that great :( 

blouse - c/o sheinside
pants - dotti
heels - lipstik

xoxo olivia

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