Jill Stuart - Blush Blossom #4 Seductive Rose

Finally another Jill Stuart blush to add to my collection! :)

Don't you think the packaging is so elegant and classy? (That's one of the main reasons why I had to get another blush to add to my collection)

Time for some photo spam ^__^

The blusher is so pretty! I don't want to use it ever :( 

Cute, shiny, princess like packaging :p

The shade that I got this blush in is called #4 Seductive Rose

How pretty are the colours? 
The darker pink looks kinda too bold for a blush but trust me - once applied and blended out it will look amazing on your cheeks! 

They both have faint shimmers in them xD
I love how there's a light and dark shade blush, the lighter shade works perfectly fine as a highlighter! I usually use both shades when I reach for this blush (one as a highlighter and the other as a blusher) as they really compliment each other.

Which pink shade did you like more?

I love both of the shades, so I can't decide at all xD
xoxo olivia

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