Denim on Floral

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm currently on SWOTVAC. I've been way too busy studying for my exams, that I barely have anytime left for blogging :( 
I'll be done on the 25th of June though! 

I won't be writing much in this post entry as usual because I need to get back to revising my notes for the exams.

Thankyou Coco Fashion for the lovely floral printed singlet! The material of the shirt is very suitable to wear during the summer time. Perfect for any summery occasion just maybe not a formal event haha

On a side note: I'm terribly sorry for the lack of proper fashion blogging photos from this post. I didn't really get the chance to take great photos because the weather on the day wasn't that great at all. Here are just only a few shots, which shows the main details of the outfit. (You can kinda see what I mean with the photo below)

jacket - jeans west
singlet - c/o coco fashion
skirt - glassons

xoxo olivia

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