Travel Diary: Singapore (2015)

Hello blog readers :) 

I'm back with another post this time and it's a photo diary of my recent travel to Singapore. During late Feb, I headed off to Singapore with a few of my close friends Jenny, Trang and Vy. We stayed there about a week before jetting back home. I went crazy with the shopping, except I didn't really take any good pictures of my bargains so don't expect to find any pictures of that in here. This is more of a photo diary anyways ^_______^ (and btw, I was only 2 months late for this post - which isn't as bad as last time where I was probably like 8 months delayed on my Canada trip)

Let's enjoy the scenery and the #foodporn for now :D

Here we come Singapore! :)

Dinner on the first night, straight after we landed. It was somewhere along Orchard Rd and the food was decently priced (sorry guys, I forgot the name of the place).

They have KFC breakfast here!! It's so freaking amazing - especially that pineapple egg tart thing on the top left hand side.

Bugis Street Shopping, great for picking up bargains :)

Orchard Rd at night. It's really safe to wander around here at night, even if you're along. The only thing that really scared me was the sound of the bats howling..but you get used to it eventually. 

Just casually checking out the expensive looking restrooms. 

When in Singapore, buying cheap green tea kit kats are a must :) We literally went cray cray with them! 

OMG, KFC congee is amazing. You have to try it to understand what I mean! Like it wasn't plain or salty and the chicken went perfectly with it! 

Little India

Food in Little India is amazing, this was probably the best meal I've had in Singapore.

Subways in Singapore look so much safer compared to the ones back home in Australia.

Laupasat - hawker street food, open 24/7.

These satay skewers were to die for.

Chinatown at night. The decorations were for the Chinese Lunar New Year...we accidentally booked our tickets right during this period haha

Clarke Quay - river side setting, bars, pubs and clubs everywhere - it's a nice place to chill with friends at night :)

The Lunar Chinese New Year displays along Orchard Rd, right outside Ion Shopping Centre

Then we visited some theme parks:
First up was Universal Studios at Resorts World Sentosa

Adventure Cove - a water park!! 

It was so fun floating in the stream with those floaty doughnuts all day long :)

Finally trying Pepper Lunch, even though we have it back home too - it was a nice experience :)

Orchard Rd again.

Marina Sands Bay/Hotel

My friends admiring the view :)

The view from our hotel room.

There was a massive shopping centre underneath our hotel!

The night view from our room :)

Gardens By the Bay - pretty lights everywhere ~

The hotel lobby was so grand!!!

Ohh and how could I forget? The infinity pool view :P It was so amazing being able to swim here at night :)

silly selfie time xD

And this is the night view I was talking about :)

I hope you've enjoyed my photos and I'll be back again eventually! 
Also on a side note, I'll be headed to Hong Kong & Vietnam in June so there will be more travel posts coming up soon :)

Olivia xx

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