Travel Diary: Vancouver, Canada (2014)

So here's like a super delayed travel diary xD
I was so lazy for the past 9 months and decided not to do a blog post on my trip to Vancouver last year until today.... Please don't blame me for my laziness, I swear this disease of mine is like almost incurable. 

Last July, I headed of to Vancouver with my grandma for almost 4 weeks :) 
It was a nice way to spend the mid year break, out of the cold and gloomy winter days back home in Melbourne.

The flight to Vancouver was so freaking long, like we spent almost a day travelling, including the time we were in Transit at Shanghai Pudong airport but I got to go duty free shopping so I couldn't complain about that at all :)

Okay so now are some crappy tourist shots I took with my phone because my camera ran out of batteries during the trip and I forgot to take a universal plug adapted with me :( Silly Olivia.

The city view of Vancity :) This was taken from some observation deck which obviously I've forgotten the name already (I wrote this post 9 months later after the trip soo...)

Buchart Flower Gardens, this place was so freaking pretty! It was on an island called Victoria Island, and we had to get here by a ferry :)

Some place along the garden, how serene is this view? 

More sightseeing photos along Victoria Island. 

And of course a tourist trip wouldn't be complete without visiting some furry friends :)

And more sight seeing, this time at Grouse Mountain. I think this place is like the tallest peak in the Vancouver region :/ 

You would not believe the number of fast food chains they have here, it's like crazy....

Anyways that's enough for now :) The next time I update my travel diary it will be of my recent Sydney Trip! (which took place in Januaray 2015 -  I don't think that's too delayed if I post it within the next week right?) 

Olivia xoxo

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