Food Adventures #6 - I've been eating out way too much :/

So I guess I'm back again for a quick post before 2014 ends. I'll be sharing a few places that I've eaten at earlier during the year which I've been way too lazy to post. (Also stay tuned as I will return to fashion blogging very soon after going a on super long hiatus :p)

Beef Curry Laksa at Laksa King

Crispy Stir Fry Noodles at Laksa King

Roast Pork & Chicken in Tom Yum Soup at Chef Lagenda

Roti at Papa Rich

Hokkien Noodles at Yim Yam Thai

Pad Thai at Yim Yam Thai

Dobboki at Viking92

Bimbibap at Viking92

Pad Thai again at Ghin Khao

Combination Stir Fry at China Red

I hope I've made you extremely hungry from this post :)

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