G-Market Haul #11 - It's all about Etude House

And it's time for another G-market Order :)
It took me only 5 days to receive this order after checking out, super impressed I must say. 

Mini box-ception haha

This is what the post is going to be all about! 
Etude House goodies :)

A thank you letter! Too bad I can't read Korean :( 

All the etude items that I purchased :)
as well as the generous freebies! 

Another view of my etude haul! 

Unfortunately I couldn't take swatches of some of the items as they are going to be gifts for some of my friends and sister D:

Juicy Cocktail Graduation Nails

(what I got for myself)

You can even remove the pink bow tie on her head and use it as a pluggy for your iphone or anything else you have with an audio jack! 
Super innovative ^_____^

Freebies :)
Nutriful skin care set & Dear Darling Tint

What G-Market orders have you made lately?
Drop a comment to let me know!

xoxo olivia 

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