Travel Diary: Gold Coast, Australia (2013)

I'm finally back with another post!
This time I'll be sharing my travel photos with you guys :)

Gold Coast: Surfers Paradise 
03/12/2013 - 10/12/2013
*my first trip interstate with my friends & no parental supervision for a week

I took this picture shortly after the plane took off from Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne. 

Finally arriving in QLD after a two hour flight!

The first beach we saw - Surfer's Paradise!

The breathtaking view from our balcony apartment

Day 2: Wet 'n Wild
I was too occupied playing in the water that I barely took any photos here :(

Day 3: Seaworld

The view from above in these cable cars were spectacular.

The massive pool at the apartment which we were staying in :)

Day 4: Movie World

I kinda regretted not going on this ride at all, and yes I did chicken out :( 
Blame my fear of heights!

Disgusting flavored jelly beans, tasting like vomit, soap, rotten eggs, boogers....

Going hard on alchy before we decided to hit the clubs

3am view of the sunrise from the balcony

breakfast to cure our so called hangovers the next day

getting our money's worth at the seafood buffet :)

Korean BBQ for dinner :P

a sneaky shot of the lazy ones!

Thai dinner on the final night in surfers :(

3D wooden carving 

Ready to leave our apartment :'(

Checking out time D:

 I've hoped you have enjoyed viewing my QLD photos :)

till next time
<3 olivia

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