G-Market Haul #10 - Bags and More Bags! [Picture Heavy]

It's been a while since I did a G-market post! 

My 10th order from Gmarket!!! :D

Shipping at G-market certainly did not disappoint me at all, it took slightly longer then a week for the items to arrive at my doorstep :)

So for those of you who have never tried G-market our before, or are curious of what it is, G-market is a Korean online shopping site. It is kinda like Ebay, where there are many sellers. The major difference is that your purchased items from sellers will be sent to the G-market warehouse, which will then be packed and shipped out to you ^___^. (Like the picture of the box below)

All the bags and a few various bits and pieces :)

The box was so large that my baby cousin could fit in it! :)

Nothing from this order was for me at all, everything was either my Grandma, Mum, Aunty or my friend Trang :(

Now for some close up shots of the bags! They bags are made of high quality material and are definitely worth the money :D The blue, beige and coffee coloured bag are the same style. I think they are meant to be Hermes Birkin inspired bags and the red one is probably and Fendi 2jours inspired bag.

What was your favourite designer inspired bag?
xoxo olivia

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