One Bag, Many Looks

It feels like its been way too long since I've been back with a blog post!
I've been too lazy these days, but I'll try and make more regularly updates and posts on a variety of things like fashion, food, makeup and travel.

Today I've got a bag review for all of you guys ^_____^

I'd like to thank the lovely team at sammydress for sending me this lovely little black bag ~
Just some pictures before we get into the bag review :)

you can check out this bag here

Faux leather bag with gold hardware

This bag was created with care :)

size: Although this bag may appear to be a tad bit small in pictures, I guarantee you it is more than enough to hold your daily necessities. A bag of this size is perfect for those who want to carry a fair bit with them on a daily basis but don't want a bag that is too bulky in size and shape. I am able to fit my phone, wallet, glasses, diary, tablet, pens, some makeup into this bag, and there's still even more room to fit like a camera or s small water bottle! I'm truly impressed with the size of this bag :)

material: durable faux leather - I have carried this bag to uni on numerous occasions, roughly placing it on the floor. I must say this is a pretty tough bag, no scratches or signs of tear and wear.  

price: sammydress lists the bag as $22.60 USD which I find is relatively cheap for a decent quality bag. Even though shipping is not free for this bag on their site, I still find this bag a worthy investment: being relatively cheaper than $50 bags at the mall which are only of the same quality.

design: I love how this bag comes with so many straps! You can add them on or remove them according to your liking. I've inserted some pictures below of a few ways that the bag can be worn!
One bag, many ways of wearing it!
Over the shoulder~

Wearing it as a cross body :D

carrying the bag with your arm (this is probably my fave way!)

I really love how you can remove the straps on this bag, and add straps when necessary to match your outfit!

till next time
xoxo olivia

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*disclaimer: this is a sponsored post from sammydress

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