Hair Extensions

Hello to all my lovely blog readers,

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I've been extremely busy after finishing of all my uni exams for the semester. Currently, I'm taking a well earned break after a long and tiring semester of uni (ohh the life of a civil engineering student T__T''). I'm in Sydney right now but that shall be mentioned in a later blog post :)

Anyways onto the main point of this post:
Hair Extensions

Back in the days when I did not know that an amazing thing like hair extensions existed: 

When I was a little girl around the age of 8-10, I remember my mum taking me to the hairdressers every once in a while. I was in tears each time that I left the salon (well, maybe I'm slightly over exaggerating here but, I do recall a few accounts of myself crying) because my hair was extremely hideous and short. It took months for my hair to grow out to the desired length, and after each and every haircut I was always self conscious - I didn't want to go into public with such an awful hairstyle on me.

So, if I were to go back in time again, I would definitely use hair extensions this time round. Hooray for the end of bad hair days! Not only for that purpose, you can use hair extensions to achieve temporary new hairstyles for special occasions such as proms, formals or weddings...

Best Hair Buy are offering real human hair extensions in a variety of styles and colours at affordable prices! Don't forget to check out the great deals they have at their site:

Best Hair Buy have a variety of hair extension types to suit your needs, whether it may be clip ons, or taped in extensions depending on the occasion. 

How cheap are the hair extensions? 
They come in different colours and styles (curly, wavy, straight...)

xoxo olivia

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