Coral & Floral

Hello Lovely Blog Readers ^^

I'm back with a fashion post today! This time I promise I'll be posting more fashion posts since I'm exam free and I have plenty of time to spare :)

I'm not going to be in any of the pictures today, because I came back from Sydney last Saturday and I caught the cold T__T". So I couldn't really take any photos on the weekend, I was super dead on Sunday and almost bed ridden. Thankfully I recovered on Monday morning and I've been going out all week! I only found some time to take a few outfit posts today :)

My mum is going to be the model for the next few posts, I still am sick and coughing madly so please bear with me till I recover and I'll be back in the photographs! 

Thankyou Sheinside for sending me the lovely top and skirt :D

My cute pirate ring from persunmall :)

pretty pretty white chiffon top 

delicate beadings ~

featuring my latest bag! I picked her up from Sydney - she's gorgeous, the coral is so stunning in real life

I styled this outfit for my mummy to wear ^______^

top - c/o she inside
skirt - c/o she inside
ring - c/o persun mall
bag - coach
heels - lipstik


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