Food Post #3 - Picture Heavy [March, April, May & June]

I've been super lazy lately so I haven't been posting any food posts in such a long time. D:
Uni has just been so crazy lately, with semester exams and assignments pilling in. And on top of that the struggle of maintaining your social life too :(  

ohh and this is a scheduled post, because I'm gunna try and avoid blogging during the exam season.
I'll be back soon though I promise! 

Steak at the Station Hotel in Footscray

Pronto Pizza at Melbourne Uni

Roast Pork & Dumplings at Gold Leaf 

Ice cream and steak at Wood N Chimney

Lindt Easter bunnies! :D
They are so cute even though they are chocolate ones haha

Carbonara Pasta at The Universal
(I'm pretty sure the pasta is made fresh)

Ramen at Ajisen Ramen

Harajuku Crepes at Melbourne Central

Macarons from La Belle Miette

Pizza and steak from Tica Tera's Ristorante

San Churros's macarons

Bundae Caserole & Soju Cocktails at Orientalspoon

My birthday cake from Costco

Family dinner food pictures from Gold Leaf
Sweet and sour fish

Deer with XO sauce?

Crispy roast pork

Crispy seafood noodles

Crocodile meat?

what food places have you eaten at recently? 
xoxo olivia

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