Food Post #1

(this was a queued post since i'm currently on exams right now!)

Hello everyone! ^____^

After seeing many bloggers do monthly food posts, I've decided to start my own as well. Also, I've grown a very bad habit of wanting to always eat out and share my food experiences with my lovely blog readers so this is also the perfect chance for that too :D

Oriental Spoon 
entree: Korean pancakes
has this fried kimchi taste to it, super spicy which I love :D

entree: Korean rice cakes
super chewy and spicy :)

main: bento
This is probably Japanese food, I have no idea why it was being sold at a Korean Restaurant though :( 
Complete with the pickled vegetables you usally find in bento boxes, teriyaki chicken, seaweed and my favourite octopus balls. 

Suzuki Night Market

lamb kebabs with rice, carrots and veggie sauce! my first time trying Indian food and it was pretty good! 

cocktails - cosmopolitan (pink) & pina colada (white)
I didn't really like these cocktails because I could taste so much alcohol in them, I wish it was more diluted. However I did enjoy the cranberry taste in the pink one and the pineapple and coconut taste in the other one! 

pretzels - coated with rainbow sprinkles and filled with chocolate inside
it was sooo delish, although it would have been better if it just came out of the oven ^___^

I know this picture isn't a food post but I really wanted to share with you guys what I got from the night market as a souvenir for myself. I purchased these amazing handmade soaps for only $6 and they smelt really good and looked pretty too! (I'm a sucker for pretty things haha)

White Tomato

White Tomato closed down sometime during mid 2012 due to a fire, but now it's back and in operation again! I'm really impressed with their new service and they even have a bar inside now which is super cool ^______^

Entrée -  Yes, it's both of the dishes :D 

I've never been offered so much entrée in my life for free at a Korean restaurant before; pickled onions, pickled broccoli (which was really good, it had a vinegar taste though),  kimchi and salad with a spicy/salty Korean dressing. 

Spicy pork with rice - the rice smelt really fragrant with the flavouring and the pork tasted pretty good :D


Chocolate Frappuccino - this stuff is seriously my all time fave from Starbucks and I even got 50% of it! 

Kaneda Sushi
This is one of my favourite places to eat Japanese food! Not only the food here is delicious it's rather cheap too.

Miso Soup - I think every Japanese place you eat at, this is usually served :) 

Takoyaki (octopus balls) - I've finally had my octopus ball cravings satisfied at last! They instantly melt in your mouth when you take the first bite, I love eating it when its hot.

Bento Box (Beef Teriyaki) - I love this stuff, the rice is like a special Japanese rice which is like flavoured. There's even chicken in this bento, even though it's supposed to be a beef teriyaki one only! 

Bun Bo Co Do (Richmond)

I went to Richmond Festival with my parents and we had some traditional Vietnamese food for dinner.

My dad had a dish called Com Tam Bi Suon which is broken rice served with pork, eggs, carrots, cucumber, spring onions and tomato. 

Sister ordered rice paper rolls which is an entrée dish. 

Salad and lemon which is meant to be with soup dishes! 


My mum had Bun Bo Hue which is a spicy beef soup :) 

And I had Hu Tieu which is noodles with pork, prawn and onions :) 


This place where they have ice-creams cakes and coffee at crown.

Blood Orange - fanta flavoured ice cream? This had a super strong taste too it and it was way too sweet for me to finish off alone. 

Cookies and Cream - tastes like your normal cookies and cream ice cream, however I found this one to be quite sweet. 

Have you tried any new food this month? If so, let me know! I'm always on the lookout for new food to try :)

xoxo olivia 

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  1. your post makes me hungry in the midnight!! all the asian food and ice cream...:O
    haven't managed to go out so (sadly) I haven't tried any new food haha

  2. haha i get hungry when i look at food pics tooo :( and the worst time to get hungry is in the middle of the night T__T
    thanks for dropping by my blog <3

  3. OLIVIA I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU. sorry for the caps, but I this is how I feel after seeing all those food pics.
    Dang everything looks so delicious that I can't mind is frazzled. xD
    I'm going to go cry in envy now

  4. yeap! it was definitely a great eat :)
    ooh, what did you order? i really love jap food, esp their seafood haha

  5. HAHAH OMG THAT IS SO ME TOO D: i get hungry when i see food pics, regardless of whether it's mine or someone else's. and whats worst is, if i see it before bedtime, i cant sleep the whole night because im thinking about food haha
    lolol hopefully you'll go out soon for a delicious meal and post some pics up on your blog and i'll be like OMG IM SOO HUNGRY I WANT SOME XD

  6. i will post the most delicious revenge pictures known to history. and then..YOU WILL KNOW MY PAIN XD
    just kidding, though I do want to post some food pictures sometime. muahahah. hah. hah. xD