KBBQ at The Palace - Guhng

So after finishing our first year of Uni, my friends and I went to celebrate! 
We had Korean BBQ at The Palace - Guhng for dinner :D


I didn't take much pictures of the interior because there were too many staff around and it'd be super weird if I did. But by seeing this picture you can kinda see how fancy the inside of the restaurant is :)

Fancy decorations and menu on a table outside the restaurant. 

Beverages (it's so weird how they have a girl in the middle of their drink menu haha)

The table was laid out, I think Guhng can pass for a fine dinning place

Side dishes and my dipping sauce.
The side dishes that we got were Korean pasta salad, kimchi, raddish and (pickled?) onion 

The meat on the grill! The meat was super juicy! I don't think the meat was marinated, but it was super tasty after dipping it with the sauce provided ^_______^

Black rice? Tastes and smells like normal rice too! 

BBQ at The Palace is pretty tasty! However I think it is more quality wise rather than quantity wise. We ordered two Premium Beef BBQ Set which costed $100 per set. It wasn't filling, but it was delicious! Rather a pricey eat, but the atmosphere and experience of eating there was pretty cool.

San Churros for dessert! :D Strawberry, banana, brownie, pretzel, nougat and donut foundae :D 

Some of us chilling at QV :P

till next time 
olivia :D

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