Gmarket Haul #4 - Holika Holika & Secret Key :D

I've become super addicted to shopping on G-market now, to the stage where I'm making monthly orders! Super bad shopping habits, but how can I simply resist all the Korean goodies at a low price? :(

So just a quick intro for those who don't know what G-market it is the Korean Equivalent of Ebay with many wonderful goodies from food, clothing, electronics, make up (you can name it all!) 

Super big box arrived just only one week after placing my order! ^______^

Lots of goodies inside :D

Packaging from different sellers on Gmarket (only half of the parcels are mine)

First time ever trying out some Korean skincare :DSecret Key and Holika Holika

Just some close up pictures of some of the products that I might be reviewing soon :PIf you want me to review anything drop of a comment and I'll be happy too! 

Holika Holika Water March for Oily Skin

Holika Holika Vita B & C Daily Mask

Secret Key Toners 
Tea Tree - Refreshing + Calming
Witch Hazel - Pore Clear Toner

Holika Holika Fairy Water Pure Aqua Skin for Dry Skin

Do you guys shop from G-market too? Let me know what you get and if there are any faves that you would recommend me to try! ^_____^
xoxo olivia

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  1. shameless-quirks.com31 January 2013 at 10:17

    G-market has a lot of goodies but I'm so overwhelmed every time I visit that site. It's a bit confusing to use. This might sound like a silly question but can you do a post on how to order on G-market please? :)

  2. haha that used to be me at first too, but now i'm pretty okay with it i guess. and ofc i can! i actually wrote one just now :D and here's the url to it:

    hope it helps :D

  3. Hi! I nominated u here :D

  4. great!!! very interesting products


  5. Sweety LittleDevil31 January 2013 at 10:17

    This is a great order! I understand how you order monthly on Gmarket, I got the same problem ^^
    I'm very interested in a revue about the Holika Holika daily mask. I got quite an obsession about tissu masks lately...
    I'm also curious about the Holika Holika Fairy Water Pure Aqua Skin for Dry Skin.

  6. haha it's super hard to resist ordering, esp when the have discounts cos i'm like omg everything is super cheap! i must stock up on more :D

    i really like the holika holika daily mask, ive been using the vita b which is for like pore control i think, and it doesn't break me out :D I havent tried fairy water yet, but i'll be posting reviews of them shortly!

  7. I'm doing a beauty swap with a girl from Singapore - so excited to try some Asian cosmetics!! :D
    In response to your question about the Lioele BB cream - I have a very oily t-zone and I always use the Murad oil-control cream underneath all my makeup plus Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder over the foundation/BB cream and that combo always controls my oiliness, no matter what foundation/BB cream I'm using! However if you don't use a mattifying primer and/or powder then I don't think the BB cream would be too good for oily skin as it is already a dewy finish! Hope that helped :)

  8. oohh that seems pretty interesting :D I want to try out an international swap someday too! thats for telling me! i definitely need to check out the oil control cream since summer in nearing :D

    and thats pretty good how you can wear any foundation/bb cream you want :)