Canmake Four Shiny Eyes 07 & 08

Today I'll be showing you some swatches of the Canmake Four Shiny Eyes. 
I got the colours in blue and green :D 

Canmake is a Japanese drug store make up brand and I believe that it is very hard to find their eye shadows where I live, so I got them online instead ^___^

How pretty is the blue? It reminds me of the ocean :D

Both of these eyeshadow are not so pigmented but they are super glittery! :D 
They kinda remind me of the Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes Eyeshadow palette. You can check my review on those eyeshadow here

The green is also stunning!

All of these colours are really pretty and totally perfect for spring.
I definitely have my eyes on some more of their colours! 

xoxo olivia

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  1. haha yeap, that makes me want to own everything from their makeup collection, so bad! the blush is too pretty to touch xD
    and the eyeshadow quads are super pretty and quite pigmented ^___^

  2. Jill Stuart make up is so pretty!!! I love the packaging so much.. I can't say a lot about the quality though since I haven't tried any of their product.
    the blush looks amazing and so does the eye shadow palette!! ;)

  3. haha yeap! i love shiny eyeshadows so much!

    i got them from ebay, the seller i got them from dont have them in stock anymore D:

    the colours are different here, but they still look pretty!

    hope that helps

  4. Woah! The packaging and pigment- gorgeous! (and so shinnyyyyyyyy *_*)

    For some reason, I can really see you wearing the green :D
    where did you buy these from?

  5. I've never heard of the brand before, but the colours look lovely! <3

  6. i think its like an underated jap drugstore makeup brand :/ i'm not too sure.
    and yeap, but the photos don't do the colours much justice :(