Beauty Blogger Swap :D

A few weeks ago Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty decided to do an international Christmas Beauty Blogger Swap. I have never joined in any of these events before and was super excited to participate. I was paired up with the lovely Gabby from Perth :D

So here's what Gabby sent me!
Everything was wrapped up nicely :D

More stuff I gotta open! 

Gabby sent me so much products! Super excited to try them all :D 

pretty card :) 
Gabby wrote a lovely message and explained briefly why each item made her favourites list!

lipgloss from Philosophy - I never knew they had lipgloss too! I thought they only produced body washes. I love the name of this lipgloss, it sounds super festive :D
This smells amazing, like an actual candy cane, too bad it's not edible though :(

nail strips -  I haven't tried them ever yet so I'm pretty excited to have received this. 
The design looks gorgeous, and I'll be using this when winter comes :p 

 purple nail polishes
I've owned some Rimmel and Boujouris Nail polishes before and the formula was quite impressive so I can't wait to try these out! 

I've seen Myers and Mecca Maxima stock these hand cream before
but I've never had a chance to try them out, so I'm super glad that I was sent this! 
This hand cream just smells simply amazing :D

such a pretty YSL eyeshadow :D 
the darker pink is really glittery compared to the lighter pink 

samples that I am super excited to try out :D
Especially the Bobbi Brown bb cream since I've only used asian bb creams before. 

I hope you like my parcel that I sent you Gabby! 
Super sorry for sending mine out late D: 

This was a super fun swap to do, and I'm definitely up for it again in the future :)

- xoxo olivia

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  1. Love all the products! I have the rimmel london lilac nailpolish. So pretty x

  2. me too! and yeap its so pretty! i can't stop wearing it :)

  3. The nail polish colour is really cute! I like it.
    Swaps are fun, huh? I did a swap with someone once, and never regretted it. :)

  4. me too! especially the lighter purple shade its so pretty! of course, blog swaps are super fun :D haha me too, i've never regretted doing one xD

  5. Awwww!! Hope I can get this too!!especially the YSL eyeshadow~~Everything was wrapped so nicely!!

  6. haha yeap xD blog swaps are super fun to participate in, maybe you should join in one someday