Holiday Shopping & Update :) picture heavy

With two weeks of holidays for my mid semester break I decided to go a bit crazy on shopping! So here's what I've obtain over the past two weeks :D

My armcandy hehe :p 

My dress I got from General Pants and Co.

Essie nail polishes and a close up of the fine details of my lace dress :)

knockout pout - a matte nail polish in a vibrant neon pink shade :D

Shoes from Wittner :D
The pair on the left is unbelievably comfy, its so soft. I will be making good use of these shoes for spring and summer!

Brought this dress from this online store called Tobi
It's super pretty! and I can't wait to wear it out :P

a cute puppy plushie my sister got for me!

denim jacket and shirt ^ ______^
shirt from portmans
(i couldn't find the link for this one since its a sale item)
jacket from jeanswest

-till next time olivia 

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  1. I have so much stuff from Tobi on my wishlist haha, how was the shipping?
    Also, where did you get that lovely chain bracelet from?

  2. their stuff is so cheap! :D its like a cheaper version of nastygal, shipping was pretty cheap, only 10 bucks (to australia) and i got the bracelet from

  3. Wonderful collection! I love the white outfits especially the lace and crochet one.The puppy plushie is so sweet!

    human hair extensions clip in australia

  4. I love everything you bought! I bought a dress at asos, and it looks just like the one you got at generalpants! :D:D

  5. thanks! oooh, i love asos dresses! their dresses are so pretty and pretty affordable too :P

  6. I love everything you bought! :) The armcandy's nice ♥

  7. thanks! i really love the armcandy heaps too :D

  8. love everything look nice :3

  9. Thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now xoxo

  10. both of the dresses you bought are incredible!

  11. haha :) yeap, they are so pretty, i brought them when i was supposed to be saving xD

  12. dear you look super sweet in that crochet white dress, and love the pink and nude essie nail polishes!
    would you like to follow each other?Axx

  13. aww thanks! yeah the colours are super nice! esp the pink one, perfect for summer and spring :D

    and of course, followed you xx

  14. Oooo that dress you just ordered looks really good !!
    D: Been wondering why I haven't seen any of your posts.. then realised my blog was following your old url LOL

  15. haha yeap :) i have yet to receive it though and the best thing is i got 50% of too, so its super cheap :)
    ohh, that sucks :( i hate that so much when it happens, cos you think that they completely left blogger xD

  16. I love denim shirts ! They look lovely. Also the cross bracelet is beautiful *v*

  17. me too! :D I cant wait to wear mine this spring :)
    I got my bracelet from ebay, its super cheap for only $2.25 such a bargain!

    thanks for dropping by my blog :D