Meeting Michelle Phan [updated]

A few weeks earlier I announced in a blog post that I was going to meet Michelle Phan. So here's the post about meeting her ^__^. I attended the event with my friend Trang :)

So for those that don't know who she is, she is one of my favourite youtube beauty gurus, with over 2 million subscribers. She's also the official youtube make up artist for Lancome too. You can search her up on youtube!

Just some other information: The event is Hosted by Myers in conjuction with Lancome at Mural Hall :)

my wristband with her signature on it :)
they only gave this wristband to people who were 18+ so we could be served champagne

videos of Michelle Phan were played while we waited for her to come on stage

Michelle coming down from the stairs

Michelle and Paula Joye (former magazine editor of CLEO) 

Michelle is so cute and bubbly!

screens for those who weren't sitting in the middle 

Lancome make up artists and models :P

look how long the line was to take a picture with Michelle! 
Trang and I went towards the end where the line was heaps shorter :)

Lancome goodies <3
I have a few mascaras, eyeshadow pallets, lipsticks, lip liners and nail polish from their collection and I love them all :)

Swatches on my hand!
I love both of the blue shades, so pretty :D

The $50 off voucher on a Lancome product! 
The Limited Edition Glamour Eyes Kit that I picked up. I'll be reviewing and swatching it soon! 

Some of magazines that were given to us :)
 And we got a bag of Lancome samples too! 

I think this event was definitely worth the money! We were given so much freebies, champagne and yummy finger foods! So generous of Myers & Lancome. The highlight of my night was meeting Michelle Phan in person. It seemed so surreal because I was so used to seeing her on youtube videos and it was like wow, she's right in front of me now xD
Trang and I also took a picture with her too :) I'll post that picture up later once it goes on the Myer site! 

Stay tuned for my Glamour Eyes Review :D

olivia xoxo

Here's my photo with Michelle & Trang:) 
She's super petite!

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  1. haha yeap, it was definitely an amazing night!

    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment xx

  2. wow ! I'm so jealous :O !
    It looked like it was an amazing event ~~
    Really wish she came to Adelaide, or I was there ):

    Love your blog btw (:
    & thanks for visiting by mine hehe .

    angela xx

  3. a possible fantasy31 January 2013 at 10:21

    looks like fun quality time! waiting for reviews!

    and thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back. recently i created a facebook page too, so pop up by when you get a chance and like if you like :)

    wish you a wonderful sunday! xx

  4. yeap :D it was quite an enjoyable event! ^___^

    thanks for stopping by my blog too! :)
    olivia xx