Michelle Phan's Glamour Eyes Kit

So here's my review of the Michelle Phan's Glamour Eye kit :)
This kit is limited edition and is exclusive to Myers 
It retails for $89. Seems pretty pricey but trust me it's definitely worth the money; the palette in the kit alone sold individually is like roughly $82 and the artliner is $52. Not too mention the sample sized dolls eye mascara too! 

the inside flap of the box 

products contained in this kit

sample sized hypnose dolls eye mascara
I haven't tested this mascara out yet but I'm looking forward to it as I am a huge fan of Lancome mascaras. I've been using the virtuose drama mascara and I love it so much! 

it's really cute cos its tiny ^___^

full sized artliner in noir 

the tip of the eyeline makes it really easy to apply! Its smudgeproof and waterproof :D

my fave item from the kit :P

the plastic sheet tells you where the colours should go on your eyelids 

this palette has really pretty colours and I love them all :)
also, this palette is from their 2012 fall collection, so yes it's a limited edition! 
the shade is 308 violet magnetique

instruction booklet for tricks and tips on using this palette

and swatches! 
all the colours have a really pretty shimmer to it :)

olivia xx

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  1. The kit look so good
    im too poor to affort one T_T

  2. Beautiful items! :)

  3. yeap, esp the palette, the colours are so pretty :)

  4. blackie_lyrics_artistmcr31 January 2013 at 10:21

    Thank you for following my blog lovely! I bought Michelle Phan's kit too and will be doing a review and tutorial in a future post! I love yours :) Following back, your blog content is really cute, plus O love discovering other fellow Melbourne bloggers :)

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  5. no worries! i loved your blog <3
    the kit is so pretty isn't it? i can't wait to see your review of it :)
    and i love discovering melbourne based loggers too

    xx olivia

  6. I love the make up

    follow me =)

  7. haha yeap, its so pretty
    xx olivia

  8. omg i want that kit so bad! the eyeshadows look lovely

  9. it's still available at myers :D and yeap they are lovely! thankyou for visiting my blog <3

  10. Cute! Can't wait to see it on! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you now and I'd love it if you could follow me back! :)