Lace & Chambray + A SNEAK PEAK OF MY CLOSET ~

First time ever taking fashion pictures inside!
I usually prefer taking my pictures outside because the sunlight and backdrops are way better than my boring white wall. But I couldn't take any pictures outdoor this weekend :( 
It was so windy to the stage where branches were blown around, so I opted for the safer option taking the pictures indoors. I tried my best to make sure the lighting was adequate  hopefully this will suffice for now.

After seeing countless pictures of crochet/lace shorts online, I really wanted to get a pair of my own. I thought it would be so fun to style them and sure enough I was right!
Thankyou sheinside for sending me my very own pair :)

Love the lace details <3

I had to crop out my face for the next two pictures, I had the weirdest expression ever and I don't think it's suitable to be posted on here xD

How pretty is the lace & chambray combo?

So this shirt, isn't one of those shirts were you can knot the bottom. I tied it up by myself, simply because I thought it looked better than tucking the whole thing inside the shorts which would become rather bulky.

shirt - portmans
bag - miss shop @ myers
shorts - sheinside
wedges - novo

So here's the sneak peak of my closet!

My friends say I'm OCD, cos I have a tendency to arrange my clothes and bags and anything else that is in my wardrobe in a particular order (and my pens and basically everything else that I own).

until next time,

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