Revlon Goodies

David Jones was having an offer, spend $40 on Revlon products and get a free GWP.

Colourburst Lipbutter in Sweet Tart
Super Lustrous Gloss in Peach Petal

The free gift from buying only these two products!  There's so much goodies in the box :)

All my new makeup :)

now onto the swatches and stuff :)

Peach Petal, Sweet Tart and Peach Parfait 

Super Lustrous Gloss in Peach Petal 
(matte lip gloss :D)

Colourburst Lipbutter in Sweet Tart

 Colourburst Lipbutter in Peach Parfait 
(has shimmers in it)

The smoky eye stick :D
As you can see in the picture the brown end is pointed compared to the cream end. I think you are supposed to use the brown end as kinda like an eye liner.
The colour I got was 201 Torch.

This stuff is super pigmented, you can see for yourself in the pictures below! 

And now onto the mascara. This was probably the only disappointment from this mini Revlon haul. 

I really dislike this mascara, how big is the brush applicator?
It's super big which means its really hard to apply this to my bottom lashes without getting smudged. I only use this mascara for my top lashes, and switch to my trusty Lancome mascara for the lower lashes. (I only use this mascara because I think its a waste to throw it out)

just my lashes curled 

with the mascara 

Apart from the massive brush, the mascara is horrible. It didn't hold my lashes and made them rather droopy instead. Also, it did not my lashes more voluminous or longer even though I applied like 5 coats. It made them spidery instead  :( 

Overall, I loved almost everything from this mini haul! However the mascara is a super big let down for me, thank goodness it was a freebie and $22 wasn't wasted on it. 

till next time
olivia xx

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